An Introduction of A Sort

I am a lover of food. Always have been. Knowing this about me, you would think I was on top of the latest trends in new kitchen gadgets. Truth be told, you would be wrong. My birthday is in two days and I just received an Instant Pot and an Air Fryer. I have used both exactly once. Don’t get me wrong, I love them! Both are amazing and I know they both will help me be a better kitchen witch. It’s just that they both have a learning curve to them and I am watching videos on each one and picking out some easy recipes to try first.

I have not always considered myself a kitchen witch, in fact, I have only embraced this idea recently. I adore cooking. I am at my best in the kitchen because I think that the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is where everyone unconsciously gravitates to when you are in a home. For me, being a kitchen witch is a honor something I do not take lightly. I love to feed people, weather it be their bodies or souls. I always try to leave people better than when I found them. It is not always possible, but I try my best.

Life is not always kind to us, especially us who are different from others. It is okay because I understand that people fear what they do not understand. It is human nature. I have always been different and I have learned to be okay with that. I tried to fit in and boy it made me miserable! I believe we were made for standing out and not for fitting in, so I am right on target there.

I was cooking long before I could drive a car. I have always been drawn to it because it is creative but in some cases structured too. I however, have no desire to do it for a job because I am afraid I would lose my love for it. Cooking is a fickle mistress sometimes. There are times that I can not wait to get into the kitchen and create. Other times, I avoid it like the plague. I sometimes feel blocked, kind of like writer’s block where nothing looks good or sounds good to me. I hate those times because it is frustrating that nothing really sparks any kind of joy in me. When I get like this, I work with my crystals to help my creativity and unblock myself. I love crystals almost as much as cooking, so my collection will make appearances here too.

I am so happy to have this space to call my own and I am happy to share it with all of you too!


One thought on “An Introduction of A Sort

  1. Nice to meet you — I call myself a kitchen goddess 🙂 pretty close to kitchen witch! Cooking is totally magical and meditative hence why I love it! Thanks for following! I look forward to reading more.


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