Meal Planning At My House

It is super easy for me to just say, let’s grab a burger or pizza, huh? Then no one has to cook and more importantly no one has to come up with a plan for dinner. In my house, that is the hardest of all. That dreaded question that everyone asks “what’s for dinner?” In my house we can go round and round until finally, I say how about Taco Bell or insert your favorite fast food joint here. By now, it is late and there are bed time routines to get into and other things to do. Not to mention that I get horrific migraines if I go too long without eating something.

This above scenario is why one of my goals for 2020 is to meal plan more. Heck, I even scheduled eat out nights on it too. It just makes dinner discussions go so much faster! At the end of the month, I will sit down and plan for the next month. I use a web site called Plan to Eat. Honestly, when I was just starting to even think about meal planning a few years ago, I stumbled on them and I fell in love.

Plan to eat offers a free 30 day trial. When I say FREE I mean totally free, like you don’t even have to give any credit card information at all free. I love that. You also get access to the WHOLE site and all the functionality it provides too. I hate when you are trying something out and you can only use some of the functionalities, because how can you get a real feel for it if you can’t use it all?

Once you get some recipes into your recipe area, you can drag them onto the planner. When you do that, it automatically populates a shopping list for you based on your recipes that you have planned! You can go and delete items you already have one hand or add more. You can also set it to your favorite store as well. There is also an app for your phone and I have used both the website and phone app. If you go the way of the web site there is a recipe clipper you can use to copy recipes you want to try or the ones that you love from your favorite food bloggers. (it is totally handy, trust me!)

Once you fall in love ( I know you will) you can purchase an annual subscription ( I always do this one because then I don’t have to worry about it for a whole year!) or you can do monthly subscriptions. They are very affordable, I think it is $39 for the year. I just looked and it is $4.95 per month, so seriously, give it a try! So far, it has saved my 2020 and I plan on using it for the rest of the year!

Well, I gotta run, the link to plan to eat is: just to be honest, this is my referral link. I make a small amount if you sign up. I would not be talking about this if I did not love it. Once you sign up, let me know and I will send you my user name and we can be friends and you can see all my recipes on there! Oh, I forgot! They do challenges through out the year where you can pick up amazing recipes from food bloggers or other people too! They also have a Facebook group you can join!

-Love & Light

An Introduction of A Sort

I am a lover of food. Always have been. Knowing this about me, you would think I was on top of the latest trends in new kitchen gadgets. Truth be told, you would be wrong. My birthday is in two days and I just received an Instant Pot and an Air Fryer. I have used both exactly once. Don’t get me wrong, I love them! Both are amazing and I know they both will help me be a better kitchen witch. It’s just that they both have a learning curve to them and I am watching videos on each one and picking out some easy recipes to try first.

I have not always considered myself a kitchen witch, in fact, I have only embraced this idea recently. I adore cooking. I am at my best in the kitchen because I think that the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is where everyone unconsciously gravitates to when you are in a home. For me, being a kitchen witch is a honor something I do not take lightly. I love to feed people, weather it be their bodies or souls. I always try to leave people better than when I found them. It is not always possible, but I try my best.

Life is not always kind to us, especially us who are different from others. It is okay because I understand that people fear what they do not understand. It is human nature. I have always been different and I have learned to be okay with that. I tried to fit in and boy it made me miserable! I believe we were made for standing out and not for fitting in, so I am right on target there.

I was cooking long before I could drive a car. I have always been drawn to it because it is creative but in some cases structured too. I however, have no desire to do it for a job because I am afraid I would lose my love for it. Cooking is a fickle mistress sometimes. There are times that I can not wait to get into the kitchen and create. Other times, I avoid it like the plague. I sometimes feel blocked, kind of like writer’s block where nothing looks good or sounds good to me. I hate those times because it is frustrating that nothing really sparks any kind of joy in me. When I get like this, I work with my crystals to help my creativity and unblock myself. I love crystals almost as much as cooking, so my collection will make appearances here too.

I am so happy to have this space to call my own and I am happy to share it with all of you too!